For better Learning …

A high protein breakfast contributes measurable to learning, a Buffalo New York State University College study indicates. Children who started the day with high protein foods gained seven months in reading achievement in a four-month period. Children who had mainly sugary foods for breakfast gained only 5.25 months in reading achievement in the same period of time.
-Health Wise
Skip It …

The favorite child’s exercise – skipping – may be better than running or jogging. Dr. Irving Dardik of the U.S. Olympic Sports Medicine Council says that skipping gives the muscles more chance to stretch out fully, does more for the upper body and is less likely to cause stress fractures tendonitis and osteoarthritis.

-Health Wise
Honey Alert …

Honey should never be fed to children less than a year old. It may contain dormant Clostridium, botulinum spores, which may cause botulism in infants. Honey is safe for older children.

-FCA Health Touch


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